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Treatment of trigger points for persons with myofascial pain syndrome consists of treating multiple contraction knots that a related to the production and maintenance of the pain cycle and inflammation within a muscle.

Treating trigger points through Dry Needling alleviates the pain cycle and inflammation within a muscle where myofascial trigger points are active. When Dry Needling is used on a trigger point, pain is relieved quickly through an analgesic effect.


The cups create a vacuum through suction or heat which draws the body’s underlining tissues into the cup causing blood stasis which immediately activates the healing process. At MJN we are at the forefront of the newest cupping techniques. We use multiple cupping techniques: active/dynamtic and functional cupping. With a high focus on fascial chains and correct movements patterns.


Corrective Exercise treatment is taught to patients simultaneously during each Clinical Myotherapy session. At MJN we love to help our patients by bringing the body into a neutral postural alignment. Corrective Exercise allows our patients to take ownership of their recovery and rehabilitation by helping their body work in harmony through the reduction of pain. Through treatment we offload tight structures and it is the corrective exercises that strengthen the correct muscles allowing new firing chains to develop.


When a muscle is either overworked or placed in a lengthened/stretched position for a long period of time it can become aggravated and result in the formation of a Trigger Point.

The development of a Trigger Point occurs when there is a significant amount of waste product formed within the muscle tissue. Trigger Points can be palpated as taut bands or nodules and relieved through repetitive compression and release of the affected area.

Deep/soft tissue manipulation in conjunction with Clinical Myotherapy treatment causes for the relief of pain and discomfort of Trigger Points.


At MJN individualised rehab plans are created for each patient. The rehab plan will have both stretch and strengthening components. It is both the stretch and strengthening components that give the patients the tools to control and manage there own pain.


Joint Mobilisation is a technique that can be applied to any joint in the body to increase mobility and reduce restriction. Joint Mobilisation has the effect of re-aligning the articulating surfaces and decreasing associated pain. It works within a safe range, known as grades 1-5, with grade 6 Joint Mobilisation more commonly known as skeletal manipulation.

Skeletal Manipulation is a more intense and a quicker type of treatment that is more often utilised by Chiropractors.


TENS is a compact device which elicits an electrical impulse through soft pads. The soft pads are placed on the body to stimulate the local nerve supply to reduce pain. Activation of a TENS machine allows the practitioner to modulate the pulse width, intensity and frequency of the electrical stimulation. TENS stimulation causes autonomic muscle contraction through either high frequency and low intensity impulses or low frequency and intensity impulses.

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Can I claim my Myotherapy treatment on private health?

Both our Doncaster and Toorak clinics have Hicaps facilities available which depending on your level of ‘extras’ cover may allow you to claim your Myotherapy treatment.

The treatment is usually classified as either Myotherapy/Remedial Massage or Massage.