What We Do

What is Clinical Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is derived from the Greek root ``myo`` meaning muscle. It is a form of manual medicine focusing on the diagnosis, treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain & dysfunction.

What conditions do Myotherapist treat?

Clinical Myotherapy provides an integrated approach to musculoskeletal pain which involves extensive physical evaluation and a holistic perspective in the treatment of aected muscles, joints and nerves. This approach is used in the treatment of acute or chronic conditions.

Conditions treated by clinical myotherapy

– Chronic back pain

– Joint pain

– Sciatica

– Shoulder pain and stiffness

– Tennis elbow/golfers elbow

– Wry Neck

– Hip and gluteal pain

– Knee pain

– Ankle strain or sprain

– Headaches

– Repetitive strain injury

– General joint pain and stiffness

– Fibromyalgia

– Chronic myofascial

pain syndromes

– Muscle pain

– reduced flexibility

– Postural and muscle imbalances

– Sporting injuries… and many more

Improve Your Life

– Restore structural integrity

– Eect pain free muscles

– Effect pain free joints

– Obtain joint flexibility

– Acquire muscle strength

and endurance

– Preserve motor skills

– Achieve cardio-respiratory endurance

– Provide patient education

– Advise on pain management

– Manage psychological wellbeing