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Emily is amazing! So much that I’ve told anyone who’ll listen that they must go see her. Not only does she have extensive knowledge and a passion for how our bodies move and what causes pain, she shares her knowledge with her patients to explain the what, why and how in a way that’s easy to understand. I suffer from quite severe scoliosis and for the past 20 years have been treated by Physio’s & Osteo’s but never really got the relief I needed or understood the mechanics of it all, until I met Emily


Emily, Aaron and the team at MJN are fantastic and great! We have been going there for many years and all our problems with our body have been fixed! Thank you ☺


Wow! Where do I start. I have been to see every Chiro and every Physio to take care of my body’s issues. They have all told me to either get botox or have an operation as a last resort as non of them could help me anymore. Emily was the first person with her wealth of knowledge and compassionate approach that told me should would be guaranteed to fix me. And that she did with her healing hands. The whole experience of having been treated from the burning oils to the relaxing music makes all this experience more a true delight x x