What We Do

What is Clinical Myotherapy?

Myotherapy is derived from the Greek root ``myo`` meaning muscle and is a form of manual medicine focusing on the diagnosis, treatment and management of musculoskeletal pain & dysfunction.

A Myotherapist will treat their patients by utilising many different treatment modalities including but not limited to the following to deliver amazing results.

What conditions do Myotherapist treat?

Clinical Myotherapy provides an integrated approach to musculoskeletal pain which involves extensive physical evaluation and a holistic perspective in the treatment of affected muscles, joints and nerves.

Conditions treated at MJN Clinical Myotherapy.

– Chronic back pain (upper and lower back)

– Disc bulges

– Pre and Post Natal

– Joint pain

– Jaw dysfunction (TMJ)

– Sciatica

– Shoulder pain and stiffness (Rotator Cuff and others)

– Tennis /golfers elbow

– Wry Neck

– Hip and gluteal pain

– Knee pain

– Ankle strain or sprain

– Headaches / Migraines

– Repetitive strain injury

– General joint pain and stiffness

– Fibromyalgia

– Chronic myofascial

pain syndromes

– Muscle pain

– Reduced flexibility

– Postural and muscle imbalances

– Sporting injuries.

– Work relates injuries.

– Ligament and tendon issues.

– Postural misalignment (Scoliosis)

Why MYO and MJN Clinical Myotherapy?

– Highly qualified and friendly practitioners with great experience.

– Tailored treatment for each patient using detailed protocols.

– Consistent treatment results.

– Immediate improvement with every treatment.

– Restore structural integrity.

– Significant reduction of muscle pain.

– Significant reduction of joint pain.

– Obtain joint flexibility

– Acquire muscle strength and endurance

– Preserve motor skills

– Achieve cardio-respiratory endurance

– Provide patient education

– Advise on pain management through stretch and strengthening exercises.

– Manage psychological wellbeing.

– Reduction of pain in increase in wellbeing.